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AQA Sociology

AQA A Level Sociology

                                         feedback meeting


The ATSA have arranged this feedback meeting with AQA to cover the following topics:
  • The content and marking of Papers 1 and 3
  • Approaches to answering questions and strategies for how students might improve their marks.
  • Looking at standardised scripts to understand the awarding of marks.

Practical Information


Monday, 13th November 2017
09:00am - 11:30am
Sandringham School

Who is this course for?

Sociology teachers of the 2017 AQA series exams.

What are the objectives or outcomes?

This half day meeting will focus on

  • Session 1:  General issues on assessment, assessment objectives.
  • Session 2: Paper 1 2017; key issues and standardised scripts.
  • Session 3: Paper 3 2017; key issues and standardised scripts.
  • Session 4: Implications for learning and teaching.

Full materials will be provided at the session.

Meet the facilitator

This course will be led by David Gilmore: Assistant Principal Sociology Examiner for AQA.



£90 per delegate