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Exam Wellbeing

Exam Wellbeing

           Train The Trainers

Wednesday, 22nd February 2017

This session will enable facilitators to implement a four week course in practical approaches to reduce exam anxiety and improve overall wellbeing.

Who is this course for?

This course is for all teaching and support staff who support students in Years 11, 12 & 13.

What are the objectives?

This programme enables participants to:

  • Learn how to support students in identifying and recognising how anxiety and stress are manifested.
  • Gain practical skills with implementing strategies to support students.
  • Learn how to implement CBT processes and techniques.

Practical Information

This session will be hosted at St Albans Girls’ School from 16:00hrs to 17:30hrs on Wednesday, 22nd February 2017.

  • Parking and refreshments will be available.
  • Directions and contact details can be found on:

The course will include:

  • Identifying students
  • Recognising stress and anxiety
  • Understanding how thoughts affect behaviour
  • Exercises to change negative to positive thinking
  • Practical strategies to support students
  • Overall personal wellbeing 

Meet the facilitators

Theo Ward

Mrs Theo Ward

Examinations Manager

Theo has worked as an Examinations Officer for 4 years and believes that it is important to support young people holistically to enable them to fulfil their full potential.  Previous experience and training in a PSHCE role has enabled her to develop the programme and implement this very successfully within the school environment.

Jill Habib

Mrs Jill Habib

Student and Family Support Officer

Jill is a qualified mental health nurse and has worked with CAMHS for ten years prior to joining the school.  Jill works closely with individual students and families, supporting them with a range of mental health issues.  She has worked closely with Theo to develop the course and has been able to make a valuable contribution towards introducing CBT processes and techniques.


£30 per delegate

Exam Wellbeing